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Deiva Thirumagal movie Review

Latest Hot(News) Review From the Movie Deiva Thirumagal

Vikram has acted main role in Deiva Thirumagal movie in the character Krishna. Anuskha Shetty and Amala Paul acted in main role Deiva Thirumagal movie in the character Anuradha Ragunathan and Shwetha. Nazeer has acted in Deiva Thirumagal movie in the character Bashyam.  As we all know, the story of the Deiva Thirumagal  film is about a man with a developmental disability, who fights for his daughter's custody after the death of his wife. Deiva Thirumagal is a poetical tale of love and affection between a dad and his 5 year old daughter who is the raise on the entire of his life. His matured handling of the script and his characters are just testimony to this. It is endearing to watch this tale unravel itself in a very charming and touching fashion. He works in a chocolate factory in Ooty and lives happily with his daughter Neela (Sara). Sara goes to a school, which is run by her grand father Rajendran (Sachin Khedkar), but Sara is not aware of the fact nor her grand father. At this juncture, there bonding gets a threat after his father-in-law Rajendran (Sachin Khedkar) came to know about the truth and drags him to the court for Neela's custody, which devastates his emotional balance. There are no villains in Deiva Thirumagal but all the characters are driven by the goodness exuded by its lead Vikram.

Rajendran along with his second daughter Shwetha (Amala Paul) appoints lawyer Bashyam (Naseer) to handle the case. Though, it looks, there is a point in their argument that a retard could not bring up his daughter easily, yet their separation would not be justified because Rajendran himself is a father of two girls. However, Krishna accidentally meets Anuradha Ragunathan (Anushka Shetty) and narrates his story. Moved by his past, she decides to fight for him in the court. Bashyam, who has never lost a single case in his life, tries to win the case at any cost. The rest of the Deiva Thirumagal story, which is shot in a court, is advised to watch on-screen.
First of all, we should thank Vikram for making such an attempt as an actor for the movie Deiva Thirumagal, as it is very difficult to showcase the troubles of the people, who are are victims of developmental disability. The actor has given such a performance that audience keep remembering even after coming out of the theatres. Vikram childish looks in Deiva Thirumagal movie, his laughters in Deiva Thirumagal movie and wonderful expressions in Deiva Thirumagal movie are treat to watch. Baby Sara has acted from her heart and one could not stop raving about the five-year-old after watching her acting. Anushka Shetty could not have expected more than this. It is a dream role for any actress, as her character in the film had good scope for performance without being glamorous. Santhanam in his usual ways, steals the show, whenever he comes on-screen. Nasser, MS Bhasakar and other characters have also done justice for their roles. Director Vijay’s caliber as an effective raconteur keeps escalating in every film of his and Deiva Thirumagal is the latest example.

Starting with in Deiva Thirumagal movie cinematography, Nirav Shah has beautifully wonderfully captured the locales of Ooty on his camera lens with ease. Nirav shah light settings for indoors and outdoors are praise worthy for Deiva Thirumagal movie. Music by GV Prakash Kumar is good but not best for Deiva Thirumagal movie. For this genre, the audio banks on melody. However, he has managed to deliver three good numbers. Editor Anthony would have been merciless in the first half, as the general audience might get slightly bored due to slow proceedings. And finally, director Vijay, who has penned the story and screenplay, has made his best film ever. He has really worked a lot on the subject, as it is a complex and sensible story.

Vijay has done an emotional Deiva Thirumagal story with a lot of commercial elements. We can see a mentally handicapped character in a highly sentimental melodrama. Vikram surely touches one's heart with his brutally honest depiction of a mentally disabled man and eventually brings out tears in you in Deiva Thirumagal movie. His chemistry with Sara is wonderfully picturized and father-daughter bonding is threaded well. 

Deiva Thirumagal is not a typical commercial entertainer and it is not sure how the mass audience will receive the movie. The narration of the Deiva Thirumagal movie in the first half is bit boring. It is only in the second part, the proceeding speeds up.

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