Saturday, June 25, 2011

Super Star Rajinikanth's Rana Latest Updates

Vadivelu is back in Raana movie

Latest Hot News from Superstar Rajinikanth Raana movie : At a stage when the shooting of Raana which has Rajinikanth is in lead role is to commence, there is news that Vadivelu is also in the cast. Source from Latest hot news from Superstar Rajinikanth in known for large-heartedness. Industry insiders say that the actor is a person, who never holds grudge against anyone. Latest hot news from Rajinikanth who wanted to give a role to Vadivelu changed his mind due to political situations and gave that role to Ganja Karuppu. Because of this Vadivelu also commented something bad about Raana. But later on realizing his fault felt very bad about it. This has proved again, as Superstar Rajinikanth has excused Vadivelu to include him in the cast for his upcoming multilingual film Rana.

During the 2011 assembly election campaign, Vadivelu had commented against Superstar Rajinikanth after he was not included in the cast. The comedian, who was quizzed about his exclusion from Rana, replied that Vadivelu does not care,whether it is Rana or Gana!  Later Superstar Rajinikanth  was admitted in Hospital due to ill ness. Vadivelu wanted to apologize to Superstar Rajinikanth . Vadivelu tried to meet him in the Chennai Porur Ramachandra Hospital where Superstar Rajinikanth was admitted at that time. But he was prevented from seeing him. Superstar Rajinikanth who is now in good health condition has started concentrating on Raana’s work. Latest Hot News from Superstar Rajinikanth was also explained about Vadivelu’s position. So Latest Hot News from Superstar Rajinikanth for Raana movie has decided to cast Vadivelu in Raana and has also informed K S Ravikumar about this. Latest Hot News from Superstar Rajinikanth had also told the director not to remove Ganja Karuppu from the film.

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