Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sexy Sameera overcomes hydrophobia

Hot news from Sexy Sameera Reddy was first introduced to us all as Meghna through 'Varanam Aayiram' opposite Suriya, her character remains etched in our hearts and minds, her second movie was with thala Ajith – 'Aasal' and in her very third movie, 'Nadunisi Naaygal' she proved to be more than just another actress as the performance-oriented role was well-played by her.

Now our own Hot and sexy Sameera, who is doing 'Tezz,' a Hindi film with director Priyadarshan has awed one and all with her action shots.
This Hot movie that is expected to be a racy thriller, filled with high-tempo actions had its lead lady, Sameera taste danger during the shoot.
The Hot actress is said to have shot some risky, action sequences - which included whitewater rafting and an underwater bike ride. Interestingly, in this process Hot Sameera who had phobia of water, overcame the hydro fear!
A few birdies say that the director wanted to shoot such stunt scenes using a body double as they were aware of Hot Sameera's fear. But surprisingly, the beauty turned out to be such an adventure junkie that Hot and sexy sameera took it up as a challenge to shoot the scene herself!
Not just that, Hot Sameera also shot for the underwater scene in the freezing temperature. Sources from the unit say that the Sameera stayed in the freezing cold water for 15-odd minutes pulling off the sequence to perfection. But when she came out she couldn't stand on her feet and her body had gone completely numb.
Thankfully the unit brought back her to normalcy in an hour by keeping her warm and giving some hot drinks. Besides these sequences, Sameera shot a chase scene on bike few days ago, that is said to include high-defined stunts.
After awing Bollywood folks with her rough-tough avatar in 'Tezz' she will be back with us through 'Prabhakaran' where she will be cast opposite Vishal and 'Vettai' with Madhavan, Arya and Amala Paul.

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