Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Latest Hot news: 98 kg gold found in Sathya Sai Baba's chamber

Latest Hot news from Sathya Sai
Latest Hot news from Sathya Sai Manthir: 100 kg of gold and Around Rs.12 crore in cash were found from Yajur Mandir, the personal chamber of late spiritual guru Sathya Sai Baba, at Prashanti Nilayam in Puttaparthi of Anantapur district, trust member said.
Latest Hot news from Sathya sai trust A day after Trust opened the locks of Yajur Mandir, trust member and Baba's nephew R.J. Ratnakar Friday evening announced details of the cash and valuables found inside.
Latest Hot news from R.J. Ratnakar told reporters at Puttaparthi that they found Rs.11.56 crore, 98 kg gold and 307 kg silver. Ratnakar said the cash would be deposited with State Bank of India (SBI).
Some bank officials and about 15 disciples of Baba, in the presence of trust members, have since Thursday counted the cash and valued the gold jewellery.
Latest Hot news from Ratnakar, however, denied that they found any will of Baba. Ratnakar also evaded queries if the trust found any documents about Baba's personal caregiver Satyajit. There are speculations that the spiritual guru wanted Satyajit to be a member of the powerful trust.


  1. Even thou i was told about the gold and many other treasures before media announced it, i still hope they give the gold divided to the poorest of devotees or students that do charity in complex and help society in India, this gold is no more sai or wife it is of peoples that donated, not from shows or realistate or publication company or production company etc... i hope sai sons do right to mother, melt it into coins with sai face and divide it to the poorest that have tried hard to better themselves as others in community, in sai jewelery store a smith exist to but sai baba face icon and given as token of gratitude. When we are just and fair to those in need and good the world once again will give in return as the law of attraction is as so. i hope sai sons do this for mother request, she need to feel the peace not the unrest of peoples disturbed heart of thousands and thousands as she do now, right and do good wisdom as these things turmoil the followers and devotees that are sincere and have nothing to do with politics, banks, committees and personal intimate affairs of his life. Do right children...